The Buck Stops Here

Awarded For

Healing Ancestral Patterns

A Little Something to Cheer You On

There are those brave souls among us who incarnate to heal painful and limiting ancestral patterns.

The kinds of wounds that have shown up generation after generation, that seem to ask each generation, 

“Can you fix this?

You’ll have to endure it first in order to transform it, but then you can set everybody free.”

So, yes, there are brave souls among us who volunteer to do this legacy work for their ancestors and on behalf of the beloved future generations.

And if you understood anything I just said, you’re most likely one of them.

And for the record, the image I reprinted and reimagined here is not my original work.

It was painted by my paternal Great-Grandmother, Bernice, as a young girl. 

As I embarked upon the honor of restoring it, it restored me, too.


Have a special dinner to honor your ancestors.

Set places for them at the table with photos, flowers and candles.  Also, be sure to have a nice long talk about how things are in present time and what has changed.

Cook food classic to your family heritage.  Even better, make beloved family recipes.

If you do not cook, feel free to bring your photos or just your ancestor’s presence with you as you dine at the appropriate ethnic restaurant.

Suggested Celebration Music:  

1. “My Silver Lining”-First Aid Kit

2. “Family Tradition” -Hank Williams, Jr.

3. "In My Blood"-Shawn Mendes

4. “Millionaire”-Chris Stapleton


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