Awarded For Using Your Heart

A Little Something to Cheer You On

When consulted, our hearts are our own preinstalled wise council override.

And this Soul Success Medal for Humanity is earned by those who use and listen to their hearts and then grant it the most weight in the decision making process.

Bravely bringing the energy of Love online means sometimes there is no tangible evidence backing up which way to go or what choice to make.

‘This just feels right’ or ‘This just feels wrong’ has to be enough.

These are the people who know the language of their own ‘this just feels’ energy and trust it. 

They trust it not to know all the answers, but to lead them to the next answer and the next rightful place to go or not go.

They do not apologize for using their heart and what that looked like.

They know Love looks like a lot of things. 

They know Happily Ever After does exist and is an incredible experience of our hearts capacity to share, delight and build life together.

However, they understand Happily Ever After is not the only measure of Love’s success.

They know, sometimes it will not be revealed until years later what two people were actually together for in the first place. 

And one day you may look around and see the beloved people or other parting gifts of purpose that only exist because two people danced together.

They also know that they can be in Happily Ever After all by themselves.

Because Loved is not only what you did, it is what you are.

And that always matters, as do you.


Take yourself or go with a loved one to sushi and sit at the bar. 

Watch the food being prepared and remember there are many fish in the sea. And we are to enjoy the fish. 

Do not rush and enjoy the meal. 

Order the green tea at the end and express gratitude for the fish and all they showed you. 

And remember you’re quite a catch.

Suggested Celebration Music: 

1. “Pumpin Blood”-NONONO

2. “All My Ex’s live in Texas”-George Strait

3. “Glitter in the Air”-P!nk

4. “Real Love”-Tom Odell


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