On Purpose. No Reservation.

Awarded For The Deep Knowing

That Our Value Has Nothing to Do

With the Situation

and Circumstances of Our Birth

A Little Something to Cheer You On

Traditional circumstances and perfect planning are not the only avenues for getting to this planet.

Some of us just needed a skin suit. 

We needed to be here at this time, at this place with these people for the unfolding of our purpose.

So just stop it...with your talk of Illegitimate Children, Accidents, Bastards, Mistakes and Ooops Babies. 

Just stop it.

We are On Purpose.

No Reservation.

We have the same legitimate right to be here as you do. 

People that scoop us up and love us well...we will cherish you forever.

We are fiercely loyal. 

Major Trauma.

We'll turn it into music. 


We'll turn it into Art. 

We will turn all that lead to gold. 

We will use the breadth and depth of our life experience to mix the medicine we are meant to bring.

We will rise like the Phoenixes we are with or without your acknowledgment and approval. 

No baby shower for us. 

That's OK.

Our names just may go down in history and we'll be celebrated for a long, long time.

We now set a place for ourselves at the table.


Make reservations for an incredible dinner that reflects who you are at a soul level and why you are here.

Go alone or invite other good company.


Suggested Celebration Music:

1. “We are the Champions”-Queen

2. “Child of Mine"-Carole King

3. “Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me”-Gladys Knight & The Pips

4. “You Were Meant to Be (feat. Glen Phillips)”- Renee & Friends


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