Awarded For

Knowing Ones Inherent Worthiness 

and Acting Accordingly

A Little Something to Cheer You On

This written description is a bit different. 

With this description, I'm going to share with you a story about a walk I took around my neighborhood a few winters back in January of 2014. A day I just had to take a walk in nature to center myself. 

Ideas of grandeur came over me as I envisioned driving to an arboretum and taking the walk of all nature walks. 

And then I remembered that

A: I live in a subdivision,

B: I have a newborn and

C: I had about thirty minutes before she'd be up and it was my turn to take over. 

My walk of all walks was not going to take place. However, I knew there were some trees in a cul-de-sac in our neighborhood. It could work. 

Although part of me was questioning how any profound wisdom from nature could show up in a quick walk around my subdivision, I remained open and obedient to my intuition.

And I walked.

I walked to the new little area of my subdivision that I had not gone to before. The one with the trees in the middle. 

This is where I found it...

The Christmas Tree,

on the street with the rest of the garbage.

This beautiful tree who had been sacrificed for the Christmas season, to bring joy and warmth and tradition into the home was just discarded without a thought, without honoring it as once alive.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love cutting down a real Christmas tree. I feel trees come for different purposes, just like people. 

If you are born a Redwood, you want to be left alone to grow big and strong within a legendary community of elders. 

If you are born a Christmas tree, you want to be The Legend, so to speak. 

You want to be absolutely adored and decorated. You immediately go about the business of doing what you were born to do during this life, albeit short. 

Kind of like Marilyn Monroe, Mattie Stepanek, and Gilda Radner.

But, as much as I get this about trees, I also believe a Christmas tree should be honored in the process. 

I always ask the tree's permission before cutting it down.

Some say yes and some say no. And, not in a loonie-toon way where the tree’s actually “speaking” to me, but in the same way as you may know that your pet is speaking to your heart, even though dogs can’t talk. 

Then, we celebrate our tree during the Christmas season and, instead of throwing it out, we make it into firewood to use throughout the year.

It’s our way of honoring the tree and giving it back to Mother Nature. Thus, my recipe for good tree juju.

Anyway, getting back to the story...

At first, I just feel bad and walk past the tree.

And then I realize I have to take it. 

Not wanting to steal from my neighbors, I walk up to the door, nervously knock and ask if I could take the tree home with me for firewood. 

The guy was very nice and seemed glad I could do something good with it. He never thought of it and had no use for firewood.

So, I dragged it home with me, not caring what I looked like, said a little prayer with it and that was that. 

Our sacred firewood pile would be twice as big this year.

So, to those who have earned The Soul Success Medal for Humanity: Evergreen, the message from The Discarded Christmas Tree is this:

Don’t worry if others don’t know what to do with you or properly care for you after you’ve given them everything you’ve got. 

Sometimes the people we most want to love and care for us, don’t or can’t or have no idea how to do it. 

This does not mean we are garbage. 

There will be someone, someday who recognizes your worth, your journey, and picks you up and says, 

“I see you.

I know you did your best.

I’m sorry it’s been hard.

I’m sorry they didn’t understand.”

Until they show up, you tell this to yourself everyday.

And just like the neighbors indirectly provided us with this message when they unconsciously discarded their Christmas tree, you know this does not mean they’re bad people.

Maybe all they knew to do was let you go. Maybe it’s the best thing they ever did for you. 

Honor yourself and trust that there are always new people and new things to become, even when we think we have been discarded and left comfortless. 

A toast to the seasons of ourselves and a knowing in the depth of our being that regardless of what state we are in and how useful or useless we are to others we are inherently worthy. 

Note: The Evergreen needles included in this artwork are from our Christmas tree the year I had the above experience. We always name our Christmas Trees after The Angel Clarence from It’s a Wonderful Life. This was Clarence VI.


Go into your fridge, freezer or pantry right now and make something delicious out of what you have in house. 

Have eggs and cheese and some crackers to crush? Well, you might just have a quiche. 

Keep looking. 

Maybe you just have a jar of peanut butter and snack pack of pretzels.  Pretzels dipped in peanut butter are delicious.

Put it on a nice little plate. Get creative.

Whatever you make, enjoy it. 

Remember you can always find what you need by looking inside. There’s always something delicious of value there.  And there’s enough.

Suggested Celebration Music:

1. "Take Your Medicine"- Cloud Cult

2. "Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)"- Digable Planets

3. “Sideshow”-Mary Gauthier

4. “That I Would Be Good”-Alanis Morissette


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