Found My River

Awarded For Finding

a Peaceful Personal Connection

To a Power Greater than Yourself

While Making Room for Others

to Do the Same

A Little Something to Cheer You On

How you access the energy that lights you up and awakens and activates all you have to give, be, enjoy and express, is beautifully personal.

The Spiritual Journey is worth the trip.

Building your own boat is worth your time.

As we set sail, we realize that we are not in control of everything and there is clearly something greater than ourselves powering the wind.

Sometimes you can choose the embarkation time and itinerary.

Sometimes that time chooses you and you must swim for your life.

It's often the latter. 

You didn't expect the water to feel so good. 

You didn't even know you were that thirsty, until you weren't anymore. And then you took a big, long drink from that cup and were rehydrated.

And you remembered that it's supposed to feel good to you. That it should refresh and cleanse your soul from the inside out. 

Sometimes you are born into your river with everyone you love sailing on the same ship. 

What a wonderful feeling. 

And sometimes you have to jump ship and swim for your life, refusing to mistake a man-made lake for a river.

How brave of you. 

Or maybe you found your river while being tossed out to sea. The current may have taken you down a river so filled with rapids and boulders that you had no idea how you'd ever survive.

You thought...

“What if I go under? 

What if I stay under? 

What happens if I drown? 

Hey, why didn't I drown?”

Or maybe you did drown, but didn't die.

You were visibly alone, yet you were not alone invisibly. You know you were invisibly, powerfully protected and guided to shore. 

You came up for air and now row your boat differently. 

What Divine Force came to deliver you?

When you came to the edge of yourself, what pulled you up from under? 

Whatever you call it, it's real

Let's get way less interested in what we call it.

Let's let people find their rivers.

Just because the words are spoken in a language you don't speak, doesn’t mean it has no meaning or value.

It's just a different language, spoken in a way their soul can hear it. 

A different river from where you row your boat. 

This Soul Success Medal for Humanity is earned by those who row their boats their own way on their rivers of choice. 

They have also learned to translate and let people row their own boats. 

These are not the nitpickers, but the researchers. When they found something that may have seemed odd, strange or scary to them, they did a little research and found the beliefs behind the actions and rituals. And then found a translation in their spiritual language.

They have found threads of common ground and have made room at the inn.

One woman's dedication to wear modest clothing, may be another's decision to cover her head with a scarf, may be another’s choice not to get her breasts done because she wants the people she's speaking with to look her in the eye.

Congratulations to all who have found their way to the ocean and back while leaving room for others to navigate accordingly.


Gather various types of water.

Sparkling, bottled still, tap, natural spring that’s safe to drink, collect rain water, flavored water, etc...

Gather at least five.

Collect the most beautiful glasses you can find in various shapes and sizes and pour the various waters into them. 

Stand back and realize that, in essence, they are all water.

Sample them and find see what you like most.

Celebrate your choice and take a nice long, refreshing drink in a space where you feel the presence of The Divine.

Suggested Celebration Music: 

1. “Astral Plane”- Valerie June

2. “Let the Mystery Be”-Iris DeMent

3. “Gayarti Mantra"- Deva Premal

4. “My Church”-Maren Morris


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