Awarded For

Identifying What Good Stuff is Available

and Diving In

A Little Something to Cheer You On

I think Elitists have less options for fun. 

Their great taste may turn them into people who have very narrow opportunities for a good time.

I'd rather be an Enjoyer with awareness and excellent taste.

I'd rather be an Enjoyer who takes a bite of what is delicious after they know where they are and what’s available.

Enjoyers use their vacation days and pour from a cup that's full. 

Enjoyers aren't afraid to be cheesy. 

American Cheese Slices or Triple Creme Brie...there's a time and a place for both. 

They can enjoy the world's best chili dog in addition to rocking out a seven-course tasting menu with wine pairings. 

They don't ask the chili dog to be a seven-course tasting menu


demand that the seven course tasting menu to be a chili dog.

They graciously enjoy a meal at a friend's house who cannot cook, but really tries. They know, in that situation, it's the great company and the love in the food that matters.

They've stopped judging all the food while taking pictures of all the food.

They have started tasting the food.

They have started saying thank you for the food and are grateful for the hands who worked hard to prepare it. 

They are in the present. They bring presents. They look for the present in everything.

What in the world is all this healing work for if not to make room for some serious pleasure? 

If going deeply into our dark emotions makes room and heals us, then the same is true for the good ones. 

Dive in.

Deeply allow yourself to delight in the good stuff, the good people, and the good times.  

It is healing balm for the soul.

How many times do we hold ourselves back from our joy because we are preparing for the other shoe to drop? 

If the other shoe drops, it will still be painful, whether or not you’ve prepared for the pain or not.

And you will have missed the dancing because you never put on the shoes. 

Enjoyers do not miss the dancing. 

They walk into the moment, the mystery, and the miracle of life.

Enjoyers put on their shoes.

And like I said, they do not miss the dancing. 


Gather your favorite people and have a dinner party.

Fill the table with food that’s delicious that can be prepared ahead of time and tastes good at room temperature or can easily be held at the appropriate temperature.

This way you won’t be stuck in the kitchen and you’ll actually get to enjoy the company around the table you’ve so lovingly created. 

Light the candles, play the music and plan on the whole night.

Listen, celebrate and laugh with those who have graced you with their presence.

This is the good stuff.

Suggested Celebration Music:

1. “After the Storm” -Mumford & Sons

2. “Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker)” -Parliment

3. “Time of Our Lives”- Pitbull

4. “Can't Stop The Feeling!”-Justin Timberlake


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