Caretaker of The Good And Holy

Awarded For Devoted Loving Service that Matters

A Little Something to Cheer You On

Although I am a Caretaker of The Good and Holy, I knew the artistry for this piece needed to come from a purer vessel than myself.

So, my daughter made it. 

I had no idea she was going to make it, but I knew instantly it was The Caretaker of the Good and Holy when I saw it.  

It was the first painting she did with a paint brush in hand. 

She was two. 

Her name is Joy. 

After a five year artistic winter, I was creating the very first Soul Success Medal for Humanity called, I Did Everything I Could. I thought it would be so cool if she and I were creating art at the same time. 

Little did I know when she was finished, this little being with a bun in her hair and a heart on her lap would appear in our Joy's artwork. (See visual below)

So, this distinction is awarded to those who do glorious works of good and grace because they are built for it.

Because it brings joy to their heart and deep fulfillment to their lives. 

This does not mean this work is easy.

Most of the time it is not.

Most of the time there is very little fanfare and no one will ever know their name. 

For everyone who has saved another's life or held someone close as they died comforted...

For everyone who cleans up the messes because somebody has to and they know how...

For everyone who has a calling to bring forth more beauty, inspiration, and love to this world and has no idea how to pull it off or where the money's going to come from, but goes about the business of doing it anyway...

For all the really good parents who whether sleep-deprived or fully fueled show love to their children and give a shit when they cry...

For the ones who make invisible sacrifices their children will know nothing about...

For all the really good parents who do all that is necessary to wrap their children in love and security without clipping their wings...

For the those who go into the darkest places and bring The Light. 

For those who bring The Light to The Light. 

You know who you are. 

This one's for you.



As a Caretaker of the Good and Holy, you probably get up very early in the morning, many times after a night of broken sleep.

Maybe you are so busy taking care of everyone else, that your self-care can slip. This is something you can do to put something back in and honor your effort.

Please put yourself on the list of people you take care of.  

When you pour from a cup that’s full, you actually have something to give without depleting yourself. 

But, this is not about you giving to others. You do that all the time. 

This is about getting a straightforward, easy to replicate, affordable ritual type breakfast in place that also feels decadent.

This is about taking a moment on a regular basis to honor your hard work.

Here’s my suggestion: a few days a week, or whatever feels right, toast a bagel and top it with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Put it on a lovely plate and pour yourself a nice cup of coffee in a real mug. 

Stop and enjoy it.

If it’s necessary to get up before anyone else to have this morning ritual, do that. 

Salmon as a totem will offer you the determination energy needed to keep going and do what needs to be done. 

Because you can and you must. 

Research their epic journey from salt water to fresh water for reproduction and also how their internal bodies go through the smoltification process as they leave the fresh water for salt.

It’s fascinating and badass. Did I mention they can climb waterfalls? 

Anyway, I hope throwing a little party for yourself each morning keeps you going.

For a vegetarian/vegan version of this soul support recipe, make a smoothie full of your favorite life giving fruits and veggies and remember you are a packed with good stuff, too. 

Even if at first glance, people can’t really see all that’s in there.  You know what’s in there and that’s what matters. 

It’s okay if nobody sees how hard you’re working. 

You do. 

And that, along with the work you are doing, really matters.  

That’s why I’m fine with this being the longest Soul Support Recipe I wrote.

Suggested Celebration Music:

1. “This Angel”-Jennifer Nettles

2. “Hard Worker”-The Avett Brothers

3. “Little Hands”-Inland Sky

4. “I Won't Back Down”-Tom Petty


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