Made Jam

Awarded For Life Alchemy

A Litte Something to Cheer You On

Have you ever actually made jam?

It’s not easy.

It’s not fast.

This worthwhile endeavor in preserving deliciousness takes two days.

The life alchemy of turning lead circumstances to golden ones is a similar process. A process that takes much longer than two days.

There is a lot of time spent separating the fruit from the pit. You put all the pits in one bowl and all the fruit in another.

You use the fruit because pit jam tastes terrible.

You know.

You’ve tried it.

Instead of letting it rot, you use the fruit. You took what you did have and worked with it.

Because when it was all said and done, you wanted a jar of something. Because you were determined to use what grew.

You stopped asking the pit to leave nicely.

You stopped denying it existed.

You thanked it for existing.

You thanked it for the fruit.

Those earning The Soul Success Medal for Humanity: Made Jam then proceeded to remove all the pits by hand.

They were in the hottest water of their life, and became shelf-stable and shareable. They can now bring a bit of summer to any season.

They now know some new recipes for jam using pitless fruit.

They educate those who sneer and say,

“Lucky for you...Easy for you...Must be Nice...”

They know they only say this because they didn’t see them with the boiling water. They have no information on the batches that had to be thrown out because they didn’t seal properly.

These people didn’t see them climbing the ladder nobody was holding to the top of the tree.

And they certainly never sampled their previous jars of pit jam.

Yeah…Now is nice.

But, Lucky?


Oh no…

Oh, no, no, no…

I made this.


Just make jam. I know you’re not surprised by this suggestion.

Build out two days for this.  It will mirror your courageous life experiences beautifully.

It’s your choice if you want to use fruit with pits or not.

And I’m going to give you the good advice that one of my fellow chef friends gave me. 

Just follow the recipe that they include with those little jam jars.  Do not get creative or skip steps. Follow those recipes exactly.  They work.

Enjoy the tangible results of your hard work, vision and patience.

Suggested Celebration Music:

1. “Rainbow”-Kesha

2. “I Take My Chances”-Mary Chapin Carpenter

3. “Sitting”-Yusuf/Cat Stevens

4. “Rise”-Eddie Vedder


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