Why it’s Valuable

This is an easy one.

This season feels wonderful. It’s the good stuff that feels good and a place that we’d like to stay forever.

Unfortunately, this is not how human life works. Yet, what is possible is truly allowing ourselves to enjoy it while we are here.

Dive in and dance in it. Hold on with both hands and all your heart. 

Get ready to enjoy yourself and celebrate big time. You will be so bummed if you water this down or miss it.


The Main Ingredient to Honor the Season:  HEALTHY BOUNDARIES       

To honor this season, be sure to protect it. Only include others in your joy who will truly celebrate with you.

This is not the space for the critic, the competitor or the jealous. This is the space for those who truly see, appreciate and love you.

This is the incredible sacred space of deep fulfillment and joy. Extend invitations accordingly.


A Soul Food Recipe to Honor it with Healthy Boundaries

Collect the following ripe fruit and examine them: the banana, the orange and the avocado.

I don’t need to tell you there’s something lovely and delicious inside. Yet, take notice how Mother Nature installed a natural boundary to protect their goodness as they move in the world.

Enjoy each piece of ripe fruit. Savor the smooth, sweet and juicy tastes that exist just below the boundary you’ve graciously been granted access beyond.

This is your privilege and pleasure. Enjoy it.


The Main Ingredient to Move Through the Season:  PRESENCE      

Be there and enjoy it.

Turn off your phone.


A Soul Food Recipe to Move through it With Presence

Ice Cream.

Get yourself the nicest ice cream you can find and some friends.  Feel free to substitute whatever other frozen delight tickles your fancy.

Do not do anything else but enjoy this ice cream and the company you’re with.

Eat it slowly, but not too slowly. Remember it will melt.  As will this moment, never to be repeated.

Be glad you were there and enjoyed it in its optimal state.