Have Faith In The Rain Delay

Awarded For The Patience 

to Wait for Your Season

and Acting Accordingly 

When it Arrives

A Little Something to Cheer You On

When it's your season, the entire universe will rise to meet you. 

Forces greater than yourself will provide you with the space to remember who you are and take your rightful place. 

This is best illustrated with a story about sports.

Specifically, the Chicago Cubs in Game 7 of the 2016 World Series. 

And for those of you who have known me for a long time, you’re probably saying, 

"Really, Arianne? 

A sports metaphor? 

Who are you right now?"

Well, I am now a sports fan. Shocking, I know.  It's even shocking to me, but I allow myself to grow and change this life.

Something happen the night I watched Game 7 of the 2016 World Series. 

It changed me.

It changed me in a way I like. 

I did not plan this transformation. Believe me, I did not plan on having a mystical experience while watching sports.

But, as you know, one cannot plan these things. It could have been any game, on any day, but it was that one.

You see, this was the only baseball game I ever watched that also held my attention in its entirety.

People say I picked a good one to start. And I agree.

I was watching because we were deep in Parentland at the time and I didn't want my husband Ben, who is a Cubs fan, to be watching it by himself after our daughter went to bed.  This just didn't seem right. And I was in a season of really trying to tap into what other people tapped into and got out of watching sports. 

I saw them. 

They were having fun.

And I wanted to join in, but I refused to be a poser. If I'm going to do anything, it has to be real for me. I've got to feel it. You know that by now.

So, I may have not been a huge sports fan, but I was a huge Ben fan. I wanted to try to get it. 

He and I shared so much of the things we loved and I wanted to join him in this area where we were at opposite ends of the spectrum. 

Although I was open, I expected to happen what usually happened. 

Me just being happy for him as I watched my usually reserved and even-keeled husband get completely emotionally engaged in the process of a good baseball or football game. 

And I would get a foot rub. That was usually my favorite part.

Look, I had really tried to get into sports. My dad and cousins had tried on numerous occasions to get to me see the light. But, as earnestly as they tried, I just couldn't get into it. It just wasn't my thing. 

When I thought of sports, my non-athletic self went immediately to being forced to play in gym class, getting picked last for the team, or getting dodge balls whipped at my head. 

Not my idea of fun.

If you would have asked me prior to watching Game 7 what I thought about sports, I would have told you I wished that number of people could rally around a cause that was actually a real thing  to help real people in a real way. 

I swear we could all get matching T-Shirts. 

I still think this is a good idea. But, not in exclusion to sports anymore, in addition to it. 

Because I get it now. 

As I was experiencing this epic game, I was surprisingly going through all these emotional releases of every size and shape.

When it was all over, I said to myself, 

“Wait a minute...

I've done this before. 

What is this? 

What is this like?”

And then it hit me:

Sports are the world’s most user-friendly healing circle.

Watching the epic Game 7 of the 2016 World Series, I realized this was a safe space to feel all of your feelings and not be judged. 

I noticed the seriousness of how everyone gathered together.

Nobody was wearing crystals, but this was no ordinary day.

Something big was about to happen and we were going through it together. 

There were massive heart wrenching, soul cleansing moments where we all screamed out in agony to release as the energy that bubbled up.  

The not knowing where it was all going. So, a lot of it was just accepting what showed up and riding that energy. 

And the absolute ecstasy of a shared win, of the tides turning, and the shared Yes! of hit or a catch that soared through time and space to change everything.

The hope of an energy pattern of loss becoming a breakthrough into a new chapter. 

And in the end, a feeling of shared joy, connection and oneness. 

The permission to reach out and embrace each other unabashedly.

Oh yeah, this whole sports thing was most definitely the world's greatest and most regularly scheduled healing circle and retreat.

I get it now. 

It isn't “just a game”. 

People need this. 

This is a very important river for many, many people.

Especially for those among us who feel safer with their emotions and vulnerability neatly tucked away.

They have their own very good reasons for this. And this is a really healthy place to put them. 

Especially for men in this culture, who are most times given very little room to freely express all the complicated emotions brewing on the inside.

This is a place they can go and let it all out. 

Or maybe because Dad said it's okay to cry as long as the game is on. Maybe because game day was quality time day. 

And when there was a big win, everybody hugged and you rode around on his shoulders. And that was the real big win.

I get it. I ain't mad at cha. You rock it out and wear your T-Shirts.

Hell, a ticket to a potentially great sports game is a lot less expensive than the healing retreats I go to and was similarly as cathartic. Done on a regular basis, this might just be a new river on which I row my boat. I decided to get me one of those T-Shirts, too. 

For me, my big shift came while watching the post game commentary.

I listened in absolute awe as Jason Heyward, #22, described what he said to the team in the clubhouse during the rain delay that changed everything in Game 7. 

The rain delay that allowed the team time to pause and make some decisions about what was next and how they would show up. 

Heyward told the press that he gathered the team and said,

“I just had to remind them who they were...I just had to remind everybody who we are…who these guys are ...and what we’ve overcome to get here”.

It took me back to the times I had my own personal rain delays. 

And how if I didn’t pause to remember who I was and act accordingly, things would look much different now. 

Jason Heyward may have struck out in the last inning he was up to bat in Game 7, but he hit the grand slam that was needed for his team during the rain delay in the clubhouse.

He inspired everyone to take their rightful place and they took it.

You never know what your grand slam is gonna look like.

There is great power in taking a breath, remembering who you are and what you came here to do.

Have faith in the rain delay.

When it's your season, it will be your season.


Find a good recipe for Duck Confit and make it. Build out about three days for this.

Confit is a long, slow, and worthwhile cooking method.  It’s also one of oldest ways to preserve food before refrigeration existed. The recipe mirrors the process and payout of patience nicely. 

Take a note from the sacred duck totem and let it all roll off your back.  And stay a float. 

Something delicious is about to occur. 

It will take some time, but it will take you through the winter.  In the meantime, surround yourself with good buttery type things.

Suggested Celebration Music:

1. “All the Way (Live in Chicago)”-Eddie Vedder

2. “Patience”-Guns N’ Roses

3. “Go Cubs Go”-Steve Goodman

4. “Hold On”-Alabama Shakes


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