Yes, you are.

Yes, it is.

And, yes, you have.

And you’ll have to take whatever bit of inspiration and purpose you have left and mold a new self from there. 

Even a little piece of the essential dream contains the neccessary elements of what was and can carry you into what will be.

Sparks that were previously lit take less effort to ignite. 

Just go with what you’ve got.

And Go, Go, Go!

It’s time.


A note on the artwork:

This piece was originally called Inner Light and I made it a long time ago. When I tried to find it to use it here, it was nowhere to be found.  All I found was a leaf, so I used the leaf and created a new piece.

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Suggested Music Medicine:

1. “Solid and Strong”-Kimya Dawson

2. “Hands”-Jewel

3. “Crazy”-Gnarls Barkley


*see Spotify playlist: The Aorta Transformata Healing Heart Apothecary