You did not and are not failing because your heart was broken again.

You did not do it wrong.

You are not being punished.

This did not happen because you failed to think positively.

This is just how life is sometimes.

This is called being alive, human and on the planet.

There are important agreements your soul made with God, The Universe, and other people long before you got here.

We will most likely not remember all the terms of those soul contracts.

But, that’s ok.

Each experience and relationship...the pleasant, the unpleasant and the mixture (and there’s a lot of mixture) is here to give your soul the opportunity to grow, heal, shed and embrace.

Life is always working for you, whatever it looks like.

Now, this is really easy to remember when life feels good.

Yet, it’s particularly important to remember when you’re in the pit of despair.

This is when you need to access and feel all of your emotions.

Especially the emotions you don’t want to feel...

The Anger

The Grief

The Disappointment

The Depression

The Disillusionment...

for they are some of Life’s most powerful messengers.

Not the most fun, granted.

But, they can be some of the greatest resources on how to proceed, what needs to change and what is ready to heal.

When you stop to listen, those instructors can stop shouting and you’ll know the next right thing to do.

Don’t delete half of your soul’s instruction for healing and transformation just because it makes you uncomfortable.

Lean into it.

Take your time.

The Angels are cheering you on and The Universe has got your back.

Whatever it looks like, you’re gonna make it through this.

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1. "Timshel"-Mumford & Sons

2. "Let it Be"-The Beatles

3. "You Can't Always Get What You Want"-The Rolling Stones


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