The Aorta Transformata Healing Heart Apothecary is a useful, technicolor pain scale with suggested recipes for restoration and well-being.

I've been making it for ten years, including a five year artistic winter.

Pieces #1-27 & #36 & #38 were made in 2007-2008. 

Pieces #28-#30 were created in the fall and early winter of 2010.

Pieces #31-#35 & #37 & #39-#40 came through in 2015-2017.

The sacred energy and inspiration that works with me to create it only let me in on its agenda some of the time. 

I kept making it because our hearts matter.

And now is absolutely the time for each of us to activate our heart. It is the world’s greatest natural resource.

Bringing it online in a real world, meaningful way will make all the difference.

My work is something to start a global conversation between people to say,

"Yeah...I'm actually right here on that issue...this is what it looks like.  There are a lot of places between happy and sad and back again."

"Oh really? I thought you were…here…I had no idea your were actually...there.

I see you now.

See me?

I'm here...on that and over there...on this."

I truly believe that if we dig in, open up and feel our heart space as a collective, we will find buried treasure there and use it accordingly.

This offering is my part in the great activation that's happening in the visible and invisible places to aid in humanity’s ever-evolving, heart-expanding nature.

In Latin,

the word ‘Aorta’ means “I lift; raise”.

And ‘Transformata’ is Latin for “Transformo” which means to change in shape. So literally, Aorta Transformata exists to inspire a lift and change that begins in the heart.

But it doesn’t stop in the heart.

Your actual aorta brings heart energy to all the major body systems through the core of your body to serve all of your body.

It supplies the body with blood that can breathe.

And when you understand that all of what the heart endures is important and can be useful…and you get very interested in how it feels and what it may be showing you…

what pumps out your heart and through your being, won’t stop with you either.

It will raise everybody.