Business Badass

Awarded For the Fundamental Understanding and Application of Honest, Fair and Love-Based Business Practices that also Make Some Serious Cash

A Little Something to Cheer You On

These are not perfect businesses, but they are businesses that have the best of intentions, course correcting when necessary. 

They do the best they can, with what they have. 

These are the businesses that decide to offer something useful and good for this world, while also taking good care of their people. 

These are also the businesses that saw a condition in the world that broke their heart and did something about it.

Most times, “It's Just Business”, is just an excuse for bad behavior. 

As if manners, common decency and responsibility go out the window when it comes to the bottom line and making a buck. 

Let's stop this being “just the way it is”.

Not that you don't have to make tough love decisions and have a backbone to run a business. Of course you do. 

But, why default to bad behavior just because it’s expected and allowed?

It's not necessary.

Some may argue that it's effective. 

Maybe. Yet, its success is short-sighted and its effect on the spirit long-term can be devastating. 

Not all results and consequences are tangible.

Not all costs and return on investments can be measured on a spreadsheet.

The invisible good we do matters.

The invisible harm we do effects people.

This Soul Success Medal for Humanity recognizes those who are creating businesses from the heart that serve the world in large and small ways. 

It all matters. 

May the ethical businesses in the world make some serious cash so they can keep doing this good work. 

Let the profitable and purposeful be empowered.


Collect the nicest ingredients you can find and make bread with your own two hands.

Buy the nicest butter you can afford. Butter comes in as a reminder to enjoy the work, the people and the process.  Because bread with butter is just better.

Celebrate the fact that you can make and share your own delicious bread.

‘Cause that’s what you are doing, right?  Putting in the time and good stuff to feed yourself and others.

Win and Win!

Suggested Celebration Music: 

1. “Takin' Care of Business” -Bachman-Turner Overdrive

2. “My Own Two Hands”-Jack Johnson and Ben Harper

3. “Feed the Birds (Tuppence A Bag)”-Julie Andrews & Disney Studio Chorus

4. “Dream On”-Aerosmith


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