Music has always fed my soul.


No matter what was going on, there are certain songs that delivered me to higher ground or allowed me to energetically disconnect from the painful situation I found myself unable to leave physically and just go somewhere else.

And when I returned, I always felt better, calmer, stronger and more comforted.

Someone on the planet had also felt what I was feeling and had taken the time to write a song about it.  And I got to listen to it and feel a sense of communion.

This is soul food at its finest.

Obviously, I am in no way affiliated with any of the artists I list in The Suggested Music Medicine for The Aorta Transformata Healing Heart Apothecary or The Suggested Celebration Music for The Soul Success Medals for Humanity.

However, in the glorious technological age we live in, I’m able to set up a Spotify Playlist to complement each art collection as you journey through the cyberspace gallery experience.  And if you choose to support their work via Spotify, you’ll have access to their music.

And hey, if you don’t like the music I suggest, feel free to create your own personal playlists. That will work just as well.

These are just the songs I like.

And I thank each and every artist with my whole heart for creating what they have. It’s been very good medicine for me.

On the playlists I’ve created, you’ll find a lot of singer songwriters because energetically, nothing compares to the vibrational blessing that occurs for the singer and the listener when someone sings their own songs.

Many of the songs you see listed are the ones I listened to over and over while creating the art I paired it with. And some just found me and I instantly knew it was vibrational match.

Again, make it work for you. Because music will work for you.

Music can be to the vibrational body what soap is to the physical body. 

Deeply allowing yourself to feel the emotion you are having can aid in honoring it as useful. Depending on the circumstance, it can help you to enjoy the feeling more or move through it more effectively.

No, you will not “attract” more of the experience to you by letting yourself feel it.

The emotion is there for a reason. Let it out. Music can help with this.

Listen and let it guide you into your next steps.

Then, it can stop shouting and neutralize.

Listening to the music suggestions can also help you locate where you are or help you understand what another emotional experience may feel like. This can be helpful in understanding yourself as well as understanding others.

Below are some ideas on how to work with however you’d like to roll with the music:

  1. Listen with headphones.

  2. Listen loudly without headphones.

  3. Listen while driving with the windows down on an open road.

  4. Listen loudly while dancing.

  5. Listen while looking at yourself in the eye in the mirror. ( Fyi..If you’ve never done this, it can be powerful stuff. Let everything come up that wants to.)

  6. Make your own music.

  7. Go hear live music and bathe in it.

Enjoy and let the music do its thing!