Cooking, for me, has always been therapeutic.

What I love about cooking is that regardless of what is going on-whatever is or is not working-cooking works.

Cooking always works.  And if it doesn’t work, I know a phone number for great take out.

Cooking allows me to do some specific things and get tangible results in a timely fashion.

It helps me process. It helps me cope. It helps me celebrate.

Food has always been my great comforter.

Perhaps this has not been your experience with food, as I know we all have our own valleys to walk. It’s obvious I’ve had other valleys.

Food has always been a very good friend. We have gotten along well and it has brought me peace.

To me, all food has life force energy, whether it can talk or not. Every time you eat any food, something is sacrificed for your nourishment. I respect this and am grateful for the life force energy in all food.

As a classically trained chef, it would be wonderful to write a cookbook someday, but in the midst of preparing the launch of this platform, I needed to make decisions about what was necessary and unnecessary to include at this time.

I made the decision to focus on using food symbolically as a potential path to healing and awareness.  Many suggestions don’t involve actual cooking, but simply food observation and experiencing.

For the ones that do suggest actual cooking, please seek out the step-by-step recipes on your own. This is easy to do with a few clicks online or by diving into your favorite cookbooks. 

Explore, Enjoy and Be Blessed.