Stars Rising: A Purple Peace

Awarded to Those of Us

Who Also Represent

the Heart and Soul

of the United States of America

Our Country has be hijacked.  

Let's take it back.

All the rest of the Real Americans need access to our flag in color. 

Let's work together in the purple spaces to put this country back together.

Our country is not perfect.

Yet, I do love these United States. 

As a liberal American and former US History teacher, it's been difficult to find my place among "flag waving Americans", after the shocking 2016 election results and aftermath.

But I refuse to turn away from our country.

My Great, Great, Great Grandfather fought in the Civil War for the North.

My Grandfather fought in Korea. 

My Great-Grandmother was a Suffragette.  

I know too many military families and soldiers who make sacrifices we know nothing about in order to secure our life in ways it wouldn't be otherwise. 

This is to be respected and I am grateful. 

And I still believe in the goodness of our people and our forward moving progress of The American Dream. 

That said, I strongly resonate with the legacy of Americans throughout history who saw an injustice within our own country and said, 

“We are better than this. 

This is not who we are.

Let’s find the truth and tell the truth.  It’s time to pull up our sleeves and do the work that needs to done to be better than this.”

The ones who understood and respectfully acknowledge that this country we love was not discovered, but stolen and there would always be amends to make for this. 

And we should do all we can to make those amends. 

I resonate with the legacy of Americans throughout history who rejected the status quo if it made no sense to their heart.

The ones who were willing to do their part on the tenacious journey from,

“this is just the way it is” to “from this day forward, things will be different”.

I resonate with my American ancestors who bravely left their home countries because they refused to accept the limitations put upon them by state and circumstance. 

They refused to be stuck.

They said, 

“That’s ok. I’ll move. I’ve seen a way out and I’m going to take it.

It will take every bit of tenacity and grit to pull this off. I might not make it, but I have to try.

I must try for myself, my family and all future generations”.

And they said a little prayer before they left the harbor. 

I resonate with the sprit and legacy of Americans who worked together to build and use The Underground Railroad as a path to freedom and equality.

The one’s who said, 

“I deserve to be free and valued, as I was born worthy. 

I don’t care it they don’t see me.

I see me. 

I don’t care what deep, dark forests I have to traverse without a map. I’ll follow the moss growing on the north side of the trees.

I will make it…for myself, my family and all future generations”.

The ones who said,

“What’s happening is wrong.

That’s okay if no one’s going to “officially” do anything about it. 

We’ll work smarter and do something about it anyway, until they do.

I place a quilt square in my window.

Come in. You’re safe here.”

I needed a new patriotic symbol for the times we live in to use in complement to our flag.

One that would let people know instantly what kind of American I am

Yet, I had no visual lead on this. 

My husband did.

He called me a few days after the election and said,      

“Hey, Arianne...I was looking at the flag. And there is so much red. There is so much more red. Very much like the electoral map these days.

And there is just this corner of blue on the left...

But, that's where the stars are. "

And with that awareness, the visual you see came in a flash.

Thank you, Ben. 

For anyone who feels the heart and soul of The United States and the star within them, we must rise.

Anyone who feels that star within them, we need you

We need all The Light

This country may never have been purple.

This country may never be purple.

Purple may always be the dream.

But, it is my sincere hope that we meet in the purple spaces to heal and grow from here.


Make a salad the way you like it with several yummy ingredients.

Notice how all the various components balance the flavors and bring out others. Everything has a voice and gets all mixed together in hopes of being delicious.

This reminds me of the democracy and glorious melting pot that we have in the United States. This is certainly not a new idea, but it still illustrates the point. 

Now make another salad and taste it when it’s just lettuce. 

Not all that appetizing. All that stuff makes it better.

Now make a third salad to enjoy and incorporate several ingredients. Make sure one of them is olives. 

We need some peace in our salad. And we just may need to place it in there with our own two hands.

Suggested Celebration Music:

1. "Dear Hate"- Maren Morris, Vince Gill

2. "What About Us"-P!nK

3. “Yes We Can, Can”-The Pointer Sisters

4. “Grace”-U2


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