Why it’s Valuable

You have so much personal power in this season. Whether change came for you or you came for it, the message is the same.

Forward. Forward. Forward.

Your life is Forward.

You already know this. You’ve already tried everything that doesn’t work. And you’ve let those tactics go.

You have retired the navigational tools you borrowed from The Ghost of Christmas Past. You have new tools now.

You see the new life, the new opportunity and it’s right there.

You grasp in your hand your ticket out that grants you access to your ticket in.

Your ticket into the next chapter of your glorious life. The one that’s waiting patiently for you.

The old way will loop you back to the beginning and that beginning doesn’t exist anymore.

You must create from here.


The Main Ingredient to Honor it:  WILLINGNESS

Just say, “Yes”.  And try.

Nothing happens if you don’t do that.


A Soul Food Recipe to Honor It with Willingness

Find a restaurant you’ve never been to that serves food you’ve never tasted.

Reflect upon the deliciousness you discovered just because you were willing to walk in the door.


The Main Ingredient to Move Through It: TRANSFORMATION

Caterpillar, Cocoon, Butterfly...

You get it.

The caterpillar only wants to stay a caterpillar because it doesn’t know how cool the butterfly is.

Trust the process.


A Soul Food Recipe to Move Through It with Transformation

Get a head of garlic and take out one clove.  Cut the one raw garlic clove and rub it on toast.

Taste it.

Now, find a recipe for roasted garlic and make it.  When it’s finished, spread that loveliness on toast and taste that.

The garlic was probably freaking out in the oven, but now it’s pretty delicious, right?

You go into the fire one way. You come out another.

Thus, the power of transformation.