Why it’s Valuable

Congratulations. You’ve stopped bleeding out.

This season comes as a grace for functionality. We do not question the anesthesia needed for surgery. This season functions in a similar fashion.

There will come a moment when this season is over and our emotions wake up. When that moment arrives, you’ll know.

Until then, your energetic armor is a blessing for survival. 


The Main Ingredient to Honor it:  ACCEPTANCE

Note, this doesn’t mean you like it. It just means that you acknowledge that it is what it is and does exist.

You stop fighting with reality.

In doing so, you are able to make decisions in alignment with your real life circumstances.


A Soul Food Recipe to Honor It with Acceptance.

We’ve all seen those cooking shows where the chef gets a mystery basket and they must make something delicious from whatever happens to be in there.

My take on this for our purposes, is to see what’s in your fridge and pantry right now and make yourself a three course meal from it. Make a starter, main and dessert. No going to the grocery store.

Get creative. Whatever your circumstances, work with what you’ve got.

It may be more than you think.


The Main Ingredient to Move Through It:  FEEL

To jump start the emotional body, I love invoking big laughs or big tears or both.

As I mentioned earlier, tears are our built in energy cleansers. So is laughter.

If you have been numbed out for self-preservation and stabilization for quite some time and are ready to feel again, the ability to do so might need to be midwifed.

This is where the idea of Cinematheraphy comes in. This is basically watching movies that may provoke the emotions you need to feel.

Maybe you’ve decided “You’re not going to cry about that.”



But, your emotional body can still be fed by watching a powerful comedy or tear-jerker that invokes the emotions you need to feel.

You know the ones.

Your system will allow this because you’re crying about the movie, not that thing you promised yourself you’d never cry about.

And maybe you’ll do this in a dark movie theatre or at home by yourself on the couch and no one will see you loose it.


And for the record, laughter is not a waste of time. It shakes everything up and gets it moving, in a really fun way.

So, now go- find the movie you need to feel what you need to feel. These powerful emotions just may be the jumper cables your emotional body needs to get going again.

Your system will take it from there.


A Soul Food Recipe to Move Through It and Feel

Treat yourself to your favorite popcorn recipe while you are going deep water at the movies.