Why it’s Valuable

You have a ton of choice in this season, but very little control.

Which, depending how you’re wired, could be frustrating or liberating.

Just know that a great alignment is in your midst. And you have lots of options about what to do until the timer goes off.


The Main Ingredient to Honor it: TIME

You may not have what you want right now. But, what you do have is Time.

Do you know how many people would love more time?

You have it.

How will you use it?  What are you going to do while you wait?


A Soul Food Recipe to Honor It with Time

If the season is appropriate, plant Thyme in your garden.  Grow Thyme as a house plant, if the conditions outside aren’t optimal.

Make a plan of all the things you can do in the meantime and pick some things to put in motion while you wait.

Each time you see the plant remember what you have.


The Main Ingredient to Move Through It: SURRENDER

This is different than giving up. Do not be fooled into thinking surrender is weak.


Not Weak.

It’s a powerful choice.

Stop holding onto the things, people, circumstances and opportunities that are uninterested in holding onto you.

Do yourself a great service and only embrace what is available to embrace you back.


A Soul Food Recipe to Move Through It with Surrender

Take a bite of unripe fruit.  Remember how awful this tastes.

Now taste that same piece of fruit that’s ripe.  Notice the difference.

May this help you wait for your season.  You’ll be glad you did.