Why it’s Valuable


You are growing.

And there is always a deep and beautiful exhale with a new understanding that takes root in your soul. It’s a landing of sorts.

Disembark and explore this new land of life with as much wonder as you can muster.


The Main Ingredient to Honor it:  INTEGRATION

When you integrate something, you gently blend it into the whole. And then the whole changes.

When you have a new understanding, it’s a very similar process.

It sits side-by-side the previous understanding for a while, until bit-by-bit it blends together and becomes the new knowing.


A Soul Food Recipe to Honor It with Integration

Find a recipe for a nice custard pie.

To honor Integration, reflect on all the gentleness, timing, technique and accuracy of temperature that needs to exist for the custard to be made.

And if you do it just so, it will be.


The Main Ingredient to Move Through It:  ACTION

Nothing changes unless you apply what you know.





A Soul Food Recipe to Move Through It with Action

Bake the custard.

Otherwise, it just sits there.

Congratulations, you now have pie!