Why it’s Valuable

Before the cake is baked, the ingredients must leave their containers and be mixed. Something new within you is about to be made. Grab a spoon and just keep mixing.

This is also the time where the layers of us that may have worked before get shed like snake skin.

You don’t know the new you.


You don’t know the new you...


But, you will.

And you’ll be surprised how nice your new skin feels.  Remember the snake sheds its skin for no other reason than it’s time.

And it’s time.

Deep Breath.


The Main Ingredient to Honor it:  SILENCE

Silence is free.

Yet, in this day and age, you must consciously create the circumstances for it to exist.  But, it can be done. And it is worth your time.

When you create the sacred space of silence, you signal to The Universe that you are ready to know.

You are ready to listen. You are ready to understand.

Take copious notes on what you hear in the silence.

You may not want to hear it, but listen anyway.


A Soul Food Recipe to Honor It with Silence

Oh, how I love a good spiritual retreat.

Yet, these can be expensive and when money’s tight, I opt to create my own silence retreat at home. It works wonders.

Whatever your living situation, see if you can get a block of time to yourself, by yourself. Inform those who need to know that you are going off the grid for a weekend.

And if you can’t do a weekend, do a day.  Do an hour. Do five minutes.

Do something.

Decide how long you will be in silence and under what circumstances. Some people just want nature and total silence in their world.

That is absolutely an option. Yet, it’s not the only way it can be done.

Another option is observational silence. No output of any kind. No talking. No texting. But, one can listen to music and do other activities of their choosing in silence.

Personally, I use this option most often. I always have a journal to document the guidance that comes in the solitude. You’ll be amazed what’s about to pour out.

And, if you need to leave the building, make yourself an “On Silence” button and wear it out. You can point to your button and people usually get it. They might look at you funny, but who cares. You’re gonna get your healing.


The Main Ingredient to Move Through It:  TRUTH

Locate your raw truth and tell it to yourself.  Even if you are not ready to do anything about it yet.

That’s okay.

Just stop pretending you don’t know.

You know.

You just don’t want to know what you know.

This is why you keep telling yourself you are confused. 

Understand you are not confused. There is just something deep down in there that you know, but would rather not.

It may be that or that you don’t have all the information needed and more research is necessary.

Remember that in order to make empowering decisions for yourself you must know what you’re really dealing with.  So much unnecessary suffering occurs because we lie to ourselves about what it is we really want and why.

Getting clear on what is actually true for us, right now, is an act of great personal power.

Do your best to see things for what they really are. Make decisions accordingly.


A Soul Food Recipe to Move Through It With Truth

What are you really hungry for?

Be honest.

Do you just want an appetizer?

Then eat a little something. Starving people make poor decisions.

And stop walking around lamenting that you can’t find the perfect eight course tasting menu with wine pairings, when you’re not even hungry for that.

Because when you are ready for the eight course tasting menu with wine pairings, you’ll naturally stop filling up on appetizers.