Why it’s Valuable

Here you will build and experience your personal power and strength.  Soul muscles will be flexed and soul strength acquired. You will get clear on where you actually have power and plug into that.

Here you stop fumbling around in the dark.  You get up of the floor you’ve been crying on and walk.

It’s time.

You find the light switch to your own soul and light up the space you occupy.

The grounds have been cleared. Now build what’s next on the solid surface beneath you.


The Main Ingredient to Honor it: OPTIONS

You always have options. You may not have options you like, but you have them, nonetheless.

There is great power in documenting everything you have the ability to do with your own internal and external resources.

Take out all options that require someone else to change or do something.  You have no power to change anyone else in any way.

Get that.

What can you do?  That is the question.

Maybe you can’t have what you want.  But, what can you have?

Sit with your list until you know what to do.


A Soul Food Recipe to Honor It with Options

In the evening, go to a restaurant built at the top of a mountain, a hillside or a building. This restaurant also needs to overlook a city or a city of sorts.

A dear friend of mine did this for me at a critical time in my life and it made such a positive impact on my ability to realize I had options. Many options.  So, I thank Barbara and offer it to you here.

Go to the restaurant with good company and make sure you have a nice view out the window or even better if you can be on an open air porch.  Get a nice bottle of wine and pour a glass for everyone.

Now, look out over the city at all the twinkling lights set against the night sky.

Those are all your options.

This one person or unfortunate circumstance will not ruin your life.

Cheers to that.


The Main Ingredient to Move Through It: CHOICE

Now go.

You have your option list.  Pick one and implement it.

If it doesn’t work, pick another one and try that.

Something will work eventually and you will be on your way.  But, you must make a choice and take action.

Life doesn’t change in theory. Life changes in action.


A Soul Food Recipe to Move Through With Choice

Let’s do choice with training wheels.

Basically, all menus are just potential choices.

So, visit your favorite coffeehouse.  Don’t just order what you usually order.  Pretend that your usual is not available today.  Do not ask anyone else what they recommend.  Read all the other choices and trust yourself to make a decision.

Now use your voice and order it exactly as you like it.

Enjoy it.  And if you don’t enjoy it, order something else.

I know it’s just coffee.  But, it’s not just coffee.

How we handle the energy in the little ways are an indication of how we handle that same energy on a grander scale.  It’s made of the same stuff.

And the changes we make in the undercurrent effects the waves we are able to make later, in addition to our ability to surf them.