Why it’s Valuable

An eternal summer does not exist in this realm. And winter is not ashamed. 

It knows it is an essential part of the creation process. Forest fires are devastating and also regenerative. 

This season feels horrific, yet it can be a powerhouse of an educator and energetic space clearer.

Hang in there.

Allow yourself to fall apart or go underground or away. Allow yourself to receive from good company.

You will do yourself a great service to stop and feel it now and be patient with how long this takes.

Understand you are not being punished. No one gets opted out of pain this lifetime.


The Main Ingredient to Honor The Season:  TEARS

Tears are our built in energy cleansers. Allow them to help you heal.

Let yourself cry. You’ll be done when you are done.

Note: Sometimes horrible things happen and we are so in shock we go straight from circumstance to numbing out as a protective measure of functionality. This is a very normal response.

When you are ready to feel it, do so and let yourself cry a river.


A Soul Food Recipe to Honor It with Tears

The bathtub is my favorite place to cry.

Epsom salt is to the energetic body what soap is to the physical body.  This is why it feels so good to swim in the ocean and afterward.

If you have a lovely support system in your world who will hold you as you cry, do that.

But, if you aren’t that fortunate or just need to work through some things independently, I cannot recommend this nurturing bath ritual enough.

Get the tub nice and warm and add about half the bag of Epsom salt. Yes, you need that much.

Now light a white candle and invite something you consider Holy to be with you. Know It’s there and thank It for coming.

Create a playlist and play some music at a safe distance from the tub to help invoke the feelings that need to come up. You know what they are.

A cup of chamomile tea complements this experience nicely. So does a glass of wine, if you fancy and are of age. Soak and let it all out.

Find yourself supported by the warm water. Remember to briefly dunk your head, too.

Ask your Angels for help. If you don’t know what to say, “Angels Please Help Me”, will do just fine.

Stay in there as long as you need to.

When you are ready, pull up the drain, but don’t leave the tub. Feel the salt water mixed with your sacred tears leave the tub and take with it the energy of the pain you were able to shed.

Let it all go down the drain.

All the pain, disappointment and heartache.

And don’t get perfectionist about it. The pain didn’t happen all in one day, so it can’t all be healed in one day. It may take many baths over many days.

Just know something moved. Something that was ready to heal, did.

Thank Mother Earth for the salt and ask Her to recycle all that pain into Love and Light for all involved.

Optimally, take a nap or go right to sleep after this experience. Let deep sleep heal and restore you.


The Main Ingredient to Move Through It:  EASE

Wrap yourself in as much comfort and love as you have access to.

This season is hard.

Wherever you can make it easy on yourself in large or small ways, do it.

Understand that this season won’t last forever, even though it may feel that way.

Healing is a process.  It will take the time it takes.


A Soul Food Recipe to Move Through It with Ease

Create A Soft Place to Land Sanctuary.

If you are in season of devastation, there are so many things you have to endure that are unavoidable, uncomfortable and just awful.

You need a place to land that’s comfy and cozy…complete with fuzzy slippers, comfy blankets, a comfy chair, high quality tissues, etc.

Do as much as you can with what you have. It doesn’t need to be fancy or it can be really fancy. Whatever says relaxation for you, create that world for you.

Even if it’s just a corner in a room with one chair. It’ll be yours and you’ll know you have somewhere to be that doesn’t feel so hard.

And here’s just another random idea to embrace ease during this season.

You know when there is an option to open the door for yourself or use the automatic door?  Use the automatic door.   Just let the door open and let your system feel how something can be easy right now.