Why it’s Valuable

In this season, your receiving energy gets a tune up.

The Lone Ranger will need to dismount.

You may need to walk. You may need to hold hands with someone.

You will need to go at an appropriate pace. This may be slow and steady. This may be swift for survival. You may need to stop.        

You’ll learn to speak up and ask for what you need once you identify what that is. You’ll learn that’s your responsibility. It’s not other people’s job to read your mind. 

You’ll learn who you can trust to have your back. You’ll notice who is there for you, even when you’re not fun.


The Main Ingredient to Honor It:  PRIORITIZATION

Overwhelm can set in big time this season.

You’ll need to decide what is and what is not a priority right now.

Right now is not the time to do everything. Scale back. You only have so much energy. Decide where it goes.

Identify what is draining your energy and cut it out where you can.

There are plenty of people to help others. And most seasons, you are that person. Now, you’re the person who needs those helpful people.

And this is fine.


A Soul Food Recipe to Honor It with Prioritization

Get some flour and a sifter.

Examine and feel the flour. Notice what it looks and feels like. You probably cannot tell what is flour and what is not.

Now, sift it.

Notice there was junk in there that didn’t need to be.  It was hiding and now it’s gone.

Feel it now.

You have the same as you did before. But, it feels like more.  And the texture is smoother because there’s nothing in there that does not belong to the flour.

And for the record, that’s also what the people who help you during this time should feel like. Like gentle sifters that help you release all the good stuff while illuminating what needs to be removed.


The Main Ingredient to Move Through It:  SUPPORT

Understand that your training wheels will come off eventually and there’s no shame in using them until you no longer need them.

Use them in addition to your helmet and save yourself some trips to the ER.

Trust there will be a balance instilled within you that becomes automatic once you’re ready to ride independently.

This will take as long as it takes.      


A Soul Food Recipe to Move Through It with Support

Brew yourself a cup of herbal tea that has a nice, strong floral base.  Place it in a travel mug.

Find yourself a hammock and let it hold you.  Feel the invisible, comforting support of The Universe and everyone who loves you.

Breathe in the aroma and consider the flowers that grew to make the tea.

The flowers don’t feel bad or incompetent because they needed sunlight and water to grow.  The flowers sat and unabashedly received what was necessary for their survival.

The flower knows it would not be stronger if it went without water and sunshine.

It would be dead.

You are learning to receive graciously and wholeheartedly. When someone sincerely offers help to you and it sounds wonderful, say, “Yes, Please, Thank You”.