Strength is multifaceted.

It was clear to me that we needed medals for the invisible, emotional marathons humanity was also running.

And, I new I could make them. 

So, I did.

I have made them for those of us running the emotional marathons.  I have made them for those of us running the actual marathons.  I have made them for those of us doing both.

Because there should be a piece of tangible reward and acknowledgement for the massively important, soul-stretching, invisible battles we face out loud, as well as the ones we navigate and triumph privately.

The ones we want people to know all about. The ones we’d prefer people know nothing about. And all the miles in-between that could use some encouragement.

As I ran my emotional marathons in hermit-like fashion, I started getting the vision for what I’d create for my next art collection. This ultimately became what you see in The Soul Success Medals for Humanity.

I kept remembering what is was like to watch my dear brother run marathons and how good it must feel to be in the midst of processing emotional and physical pain while having thousands of people cheer you on.

And then you earned a medal at the end.

I was so proud of him and it was incredible to watch and support. I marveled at how people's bodies could do this.

At this point in life, my body is not built to do this. My body is built to be that supportive person in the crowd, holding the cool sign.

But that doesn't mean I'm not strong.

Each piece of art is a combination of a sign you’d see cheering you on and the medal you’d earn crossing the finish line.

Because sometimes we have a cheering section and sometimes we have to be our own.

And when you cross a finish line, you’ll know it. And now you’ll have a little something to hold on to. 

Embrace them as you need them for whatever season of emotional marathon you seem to find yourself.

Listen to what the medals have to tell you and enjoy your celebration videos and soul support recipes. 

May this work comfort you and honor your process.

May this work become a point of connection and compassion for humanity and may it help us to see each other and ourselves more clearly.