Purchasing the Art of Soul Food Gallery

How glorious that you’d like to buy the art of Soul Food Gallery.  

It would love to be with you. Details Below.

And if you are not in the mood to purchase art at this time and feel called to have a tangible piece of the collections, visit the Gift Shop on this website to be connected to a wide spectrum of items I designed that incorporate the art and writing. You’ll find coffee mugs, car magnets, buttons, messenger bags, t-shirts, notecards and aprons.

Interested in Exhibit 1?

The Soul Success Medals for Humanity is an ever evolving and expanding exhibit. There are twenty original concepts and Vol. 1 for each have been created. As they find their people and are claimed, Vol. 2...Vol. 3 and so on will be created in an entirely new way and become available. The themes will stay constant on this website and the new medal photos added. New Soul Success Medals for Humanity could be born at any time. I'll keep you posted. 

This exhibit is also always available for purchase as a whole, if you have a space where it can be offered and enjoyed for the greater good of humanity. All fair and generous offers will be considered.

Interested in Exhibit 2?

Pieces #30-#40 of The Aorta Transformata Healing Heart Apothecary are now available for purchase individually or as a whole group. Piece #1-#29 have all been purchased with the original run of seed exhibit. 

Here’s how it works.

Simply fill out the form below and indicate which piece or pieces you are interested in acquiring. 

I will then confirm the pieces availability. 

If the piece is still available, you will receive an electronic invoice within 1-2 business days.

Purchase prices are listed below and insured shipping is additional. 

Once the payment is received, the art will be shipped to you or arrangements will be made for pick up or delivery.

All sales are final.

If the piece of art has already been purchased, you will receive an email to discuss your interest in the next volume of the same theme.

Please see the Commission Work area of this website for information on how to hire me for new creations.

Thank you for choosing to purchase a piece of the art of Soul Food Gallery. 

You are now an important part of this ever evolving offering to humanity in cyberspace. 


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I Did Everything I Could, Vol. 1 -$2,000

No One’s Coming. Save Yourself, Vol. 2 -$2,000

Upgraded, Vol. 1 -$2,000

Grown Up Beautiful, Vol. 2 -$2,000

The Condensed Version of The Serenity Prayer, Vol. 1 -$2,000 CLAIMED

The Condensed Version of The Serenity Prayer, Vol. 2 -$2,000

Lost, Vol. 1 -$2,000

Evergreen, Vol. 1-$2,000 CLAIMED

Evergreen, Vo1. 2-$2,000...in the creation process

Check Out My Spiritual Six Pack, Vol. 1 -$2,000

You’re A Peacock in a Hen House, Vol. 1 -$2,000

The Buck Stops Here, Vol. 1 -$2,000

The Caretaker of The Good and Holy, Vol. 1 -$2,000

Have Faith in The Rain Delay, Vol. 1 -$2,000

Win/Win Business Badass, Vol. 1 -$2,000

Survivor, Vol. 1 -$2,000

Made Jam, Vol. 1- $2,500

Found My River, Vol. 1-$2,500 NFS

On Purpose. No Reservation, Vol. 1-$2,500

Loved Vol. 1-$2,000 CLAIMED

Loved Vol. 2 -$2,000



#1-#29: All CLAIMED/SOLD in the first version of the exhibit from 2008-2011

#30: Together:  $3,000 CLAIMED

#31: Breaking News-$2,000

#32: SHhhh...-$1,700

#33A & #33B: Hearts Rising-$3,000

#34: Piece Gathering:Peace Gathering-$2,000    

#35: Life’s Fine Print-$2,000

#36: Perspective-$1,700

#37: A Humble Resurrection-$2,000

#38: My Offering-$1,000

#39A 'B: Reaching In: Reaching Out-$3,000

#40: Soul Food Gallery-$3,000