Soul Food Gallery was created as an online space for people to feel.

Please play this video to explore a brief history of Soul Food Gallery. You’ll learn what it's all about and how it came to be.




Brief History of Soul Food Gallery Text

Welcome to Soul Food Gallery, where art feeds the soul.

Everything I’ve made, I’ve lived.

And if you resonate with this work, maybe you have, too.
As an independent artist, my work is not content to just sit there looking pretty, hoping someone will buy it.

It’s also a vehicle of service. It has work to do and people to see.

It exists in cyberspace to feed and nourish people through art and written word while using cooking as a vehicle for practical spirituality.

I began this project as a stay at home mom, who believed you can start where you are with what you have. Twinkly lights were hung in my basement and I began.

As a human being witnessing what is unfolding in the world, this platform is very much my personal answer to “What can I do?” as well as “Why am I here?”, which is a question I’ve been trying to answer for a very, very long time.

Here I can share every single layer of what I can give as an artist, chef, writer, teacher, mom and mystic in a way where it is easily available and accessible to those who may resonate with it.

And I can do this with total creative freedom.

I also created space within this platform to feed my family and resource myself, so I can continue doing this work I love and was born to do.

The two exhibits that live at Soul Food Gallery in cyberspace are offered to humanity as a gift and can stand alone.

Notice it’s designed that way.

As a place to feel.

Imagine a place online where it’s possible to hear your own inner voice.

Nothings going to pop up and post on you here.

How many times do we give away our experience to the review panel of the other instead of truly allowing what it is we feel to rise up, wash over us and become clear.

This exists for just that.

And don’t worry, I’ll see you on social media when I’m not being a hermit.

I came out of artistic hibernation, because I wanted to make something for those of us running the emotional marathons.

The one’s running the actual marathons and the ones who weren’t.

There needed to be a tangible congratulatory something at the intangible finish lines that also matter.

So, I made The Soul Success Medals for Humanity.

This was made from 2015-2017 and took me about two and a half years.

I also wanted to build something to easily reach adults who were actively engaged in the glorious messiness of using their hearts.

To see that healing is a process.

To see it all matters.

To see ideas about what to do with the pain, how to do your part to change things and how to actually feel the good when it's there.

So, I made The Aorta Transformata Healing Heart Apothecary.

This was made from 2007-2017 and took about ten years, including a five year creative winter.

It’s been quite the journey.

If someone would have told me that to be ready now, how it is ready, it was going to take ten years and lots of intense life content to alchemize over that last 25 years,

I might have said, “Pass”.

So, I’m glad they didn’t tell me.

Because the process of creating the art and work of Soul Food Gallery has healed me in the deep and powerful places, in ways nothing else could.

The process has been for me.

The product is for you.

I may not have done everything perfectly or the way it’s done.

But, I did do the best I could with what I had. In the end, I realized I had done enough to move forward and share this work with you.

I am Arianne. Independent Artist and creator of all that is Soul Food Gallery.

I hope you share this.

I hope this reaches the far corners of the globe and all the in between places to highlight the invisible, complicated, glorious victories of our soul’s journey through humanity.

Consider yourself warmly welcomed.

Enjoy this experience with your whole heart.

I made it with mine.