Featured Photography

All the photos for The Soul Success Medals for Humanity and the photos for #31-#40 of the Aorta Transformata: Healing Heart Apothecary, as well my portraits were generously taken by Ben Taylor of Joy Jar Photography. He also took my creative input and built this beautiful website with care and professionalism.

He is my husband and I think he’s quite awesome and I’m quite lucky.

Please check out his website and support his work at:


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The photos for #1-#30 of The Aorta Transformata Healing Heart Apothecary were generously taken by Josh Sears of Josh Sears Photography.

He was my next door neighbor when I created the first part of the collection and lived in Chicago. He donated his photography time and talent to me at that time and I am very grateful. Please check out his website and support his work at:



Additional Photo Credits


Upcoming Exhibits - Bell Rock, Sedona, AZ

Generously shared by Jennifer Webb Photography


Commission Work - Love Nuggets for Prayer & Meditation in Good Hands, Detroit, MI

Generously shared by Spiritual Teacher Danni Stillwell