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A Little Something to Cheer You On


You’re ripped. 

I'm not even going to guess you how much your soul can bench. 

I see you flexing those guns. The ones without bullets.

Pure soul force. 

I had to look carefully, as soul strength is basically invisible.  

Except when it's not. 

I see you are the person people call at 3 AM when their heart or their car broke down and they need assistance. 

You can hold a person in their darkest hour and listen to a soul cry. 

And they call you because they know in some way, they'll breathe easier afterward and they also know you'll never mention it to anyone-ever.

And you can do this because you're the person who, when all was lost, let themselves be lost and then be found. 

You did the soul work necessary to clearly connect to your personal direct line to The Universe.

You have All That Is Good and Holy on speed dial.

You sought out the medicine you needed to restore and now bring that medicine for others. And your new layer of self is ironclad and wholehearted.

You know when to say Yes.

When to say No.

When to help.

When to help others help themselves.

When to get out the way. 

When to rise.

When to fall.

When to stay.

When to go.

You know how to cash in all your chips, if it's the best play for real change, and not feel broke.

You know how to celebrate a jackpot. 

You know how to play the hand you're dealt and work to make sure others get different cards to work with. 

You can celebrate your ass off when someone gets a big win. You like seeing people succeed and thrive.

You know they didn't take yours. They took theirs and there is enough for everyone. 

You would like people to like you in real life and on Facebook. 

That would be so nice. 

But, if neither of those things happen, you don't waste your energy trying to convince anyone that you are fun to be with or enough.  

You deeply understand that not everyone will want to sit at your table and this does not make you or them bad people.

You hope they find their tables to commune and break bread. You trust your tribe will recognize each other and you'll happily sit with them. 

You do all you can to create a peaceful, loving environment for those you love.

This includes you.

You have a lot of room in your heart to receive a sincere apology because you have done things over the course of your life for which you have needed to sincerely apologize.

You are not perfect and make mistakes.

You know how to use your life. 

And instead of asking, "Why did this happen?" 

You ask, "What is this for?"

You make use of the natural gifts you've been blessed with and discover how to use them together in the unique expression of Light that is you.

You can turn that Light on or up or down at will and know all the best places to recharge. 

You have toned and sculpted your spiritual muscles in the gym of life. You have the capacity to go all the way and help others do the same. 

And when you flex those muscles, mountains move.

And no one sees a thing.

Except when they do. 

Welcome to the club. 


As a Spiritual Six Packer, what you do most is hold space.

You hold sacred space for people to be in and navigate whatever emotional or life experience they are going through.

So, please purchase a beautiful new bowl for yourself.

Because that’s what bowls do, too.  They hold space.

Enjoy something delicious out of this bowl on a regular basis and honor yourself.

Suggested Celebration Music:

1. “Eye of the Tiger”-Survivor

2. “Roar”-Katy Perry

3. “Lean on Me”-Bill Withers

4. “Salvation Song”-The Avett Brothers


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