Here you will find some ideas about how to find some deliciousness in the dark as well as enjoying what clearly tastes good.        


Directions for Use:

Locate the Healing Heart Apothecary Code of a heart experience that resonates with you from The Aorta Transformata Healing Heart Apothecary art collection. Each letter corresponds with an emotional season.

All seasons are valuable.

Not all seasons are fun to experience, but they all matter. Some heart experiences are layered emotional experiences and have multiple letters.

Each seasonal recipe combines mindful eating with practical soul work.

When you locate the season, you will find a description of why it’s valuable, some ideas on how to honor it and then some ideas on how to move through it.

Take a look and see what looks good to you.

If you’d prefer to listen to the descriptions, click the audio button.

I trust your heart is wise and you will choose cooking and soul work recipes that sound like just the medicine you need.

As a classically trained chef, it would be wonderful to write a cookbook someday, but in the midst of preparing the launch of this platform, I needed to make decisions about what was necessary and unnecessary to include at this time.

I made the decision to focus on using food symbolically as a potential path to healing and awareness. 

Many suggestions don’t involve actual cooking, but simply food observation and experiencing. For the ones that do suggest actual cooking, please seek out the step-by-step recipes on your own. This is easy to do with a few clicks online or by diving into your favorite cookbooks. 

Explore, Enjoy and Be Blessed.