About the Artist

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Dear Humanity,

So, I'm not going to write one of those biographies that tell you nothing about myself, but makes sure to mention that I like rainbows, crisp fall days and drinking tea out of fancy cups.

Granted, I do like rainbows, crisp fall days and drinking tea out of fancy cups, but if you've landed on this site and have been impacted enough to care who created it, we've come way too far together to stop there.

My name is Arianne.

My last name has changed several times over the course of my life,

through birth

and paternal adoption

and divorce

and reclaiming a combination

of both my birth and adopted names post divorce

and remarriage.

So, yes, lots of last names.

And they, as well as the other major relationships of my life, all mattered and each helped create a valuable layer of me.

Yet, what stayed the same was Arianne.

So, this is now my official name as an artist.

Because she has always been there.

And because these events have shaped who I am and the art I create more than any other factor.

I needed each and every layer to become the compassionate visionary and messenger I am.

And I can finally stand in that and breathe.

I am also very proud to be the first woman in my family to graduate from college.

I stand on all the generations of hard working people before me.

I have a degree in Elementary Education from Illinois State University and a degree in Culinary Arts from Kendall College.

I had the privilege to teach rockstar middle school students language arts and U.S. History for seven years.

And gots lots of tactile divorce therapy in culinary school while learning to cook really well.

I spent one of the best summers of my life at UCLA in '99 studying oil painting where it was more like remembering how to paint than learning how to paint.

Other than that and my very nice art teachers in public school growing up, I am a primarily self-taught artist.

I have had several Shamanic Illnesses (the kind that bring you to the brink of death, but don’t actually take you out because you have medicine to bring back for others) in addition to a near-death experience that have awakened and activated my spiritual gifts.

I am a Sa Sekhem Sahu Reiki Master and have been a very good student of Metaphysics and Life.

I currently reside with the Loves of My Life, my husband Ben, and our daughter, Joy, in our sanctuary of a home.

I have been a stay-at-home mom for almost five years.

As I build in my life’s work, I embrace the fact that my daughter chose me to be her mom based on who I truly am and she wants the unique gifts I have to offer. She did not sign up for the version of what a "good mom is and does" playing in my head movies.

This means she picked an artist mommy, as well as a deeply nurturing one.

And it took me a minute to learn how to combine these two parts of myself together.

Somedays it still takes me a minute.

Before I started making art again after a five year artistic winter from mid 2011 through about early 2016, I kept getting very, very sick or injured.

With the support of my family, I finally surrendered and let all this art that was backing up in my system out of my soul and self.

My health and well-being greatly improved after this shift.

So, I am a mom, teacher, chef, artist, mystic, writer combo pack type of person.

For a long time, these layers did not make sense to me.

Well, that time is over.

Each and every layer has been carefully cultivated over the course of my almost forty years to bring forth what you experience here at Soul Food Gallery.

The rest of my life story can be seen in every carefully etched, alchemized and decorated piece of art work you see.

Everything I have created I have lived and earned.

And, if you resonate with this work, you probably have, too

I didn't make art that I thought would look cool or sell well.

It may very well look cool and sell well.

But, that is not why I created it.

The process has healed me in deep and powerful places, in ways nothing else could.

The process has been for me.

The finished product is for you.

I offer it to you with my whole heart.

Enjoy it with yours.

It has been my absolute honor and pleasure.


With Love,